Energy Storage

Azgard Solar offers a complete line of energy storage systems for residential applications. Each system is suitably designed to accommodate an array of storage applications; from solar self-consumption to demand response – all with available backup power.

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ATI-Watt Power Bank


  • Model YT-B6600WL2-US
  • Battery Energy: 6.6kWh
  • Lifetime: 10 years
  • Certificates: UL1973, UL9540A, UL9540

How it Works


  • Model YT-B5120WL2-US
  • Battery Energy: 5.12kWh
  • Lifetime: 10 years
  • Certificates: UL1973, UL9540A, UL9540

'Smart Watt, Green World'

All-in-one inverter, world’s thinnest Power Bank, AC/DC Fast EV charging solution

Utilize cutting-edge technology to provide reliable clean energy for your unique power needs

SmartWatt Energy Management System (EMS) and SmartWatt APP

Advanced Battery Technology
ATI-Watt excels through its commitment to cutting-edge battery technologies. Rigorous research and development result in batteries with superior performance.
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Integrated Inverter Solutions
ATI-Watt stands out by offering not just high-quality batteries, but also integrated inverter solutions. This approach ensures seamless compatibility, streamlining installations and providing customers with a reliable end-to-end solar energy solution.
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Smart Energy Management
Setting itself apart, ATI-Watt incorporates intelligent energy management software into its products. This allows users to monitor, control, and optimize their solar systems in real-time.
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