Energy Storage

Azgard Solar offers a complete line of energy storage systems for residential applications. Each system is suitably designed to accommodate an array of storage applications; from solar self-consumption to demand response – all with available backup power.

Canadian Solar | EP CUBE


Integrates a hybrid inverter with storage modules, putting communication cables and wires together with a quick connector to stack modules directly

Uses safer LiFePO4 batteries, and meets the UL 9540A unit level test performance criteria, effectively preventing thermal runaway and ensuring more stable performance overall and a longer service life

EP Cube’s storage adopts a stackable design to allow you to flexibly and quickly add modules according to your unique needs

Intelligent management

With the smart app, you can easily monitor the real-time production or consumption of electricity, and manage your energy anytime, anywhere.

'Small in Size, Big in Power'

Integrated hybrid inverter. Supports DC and AC PV input, suitable for new and existing PV systems

Modular and stackable design, easy to install and transport. Capacity options from 9.9 kWh to 19.9 kWh per EP cube unit

Comprehensively guarantee household power supply. Seamlessly switch to backup in case of power failure

Lithium iron phosphate batteries. UL 9540A unit level thermal runaway test certification

Supports Wi-Fi and Cellular network connection. Remotely monitor generation and consumption. Continuous firmware and function improvements

Compatible with generators for long-term power outages. Can be connected to 2 50A Level 2 EV chargers

Aspire Tech | ATI-Watt Power Bank


  • Model YT-B6600WL2-US
  • Battery Energy: 6.6kWh
  • Lifetime: 10 years
  • Certificates: UL1973, UL9540A, UL9540

How it Works


  • Model YT-B5120WL2-US
  • Battery Energy: 5.12kWh
  • Lifetime: 10 years
  • Certificates: UL1973, UL9540A, UL9540

'Smart Watt, Green World'

All-in-one inverter, world’s thinnest Power Bank, AC/DC Fast EV charging solution

Utilize cutting-edge technology to provide reliable clean energy for your unique power needs

SmartWatt Energy Management System (EMS) and SmartWatt APP

Advanced Battery Technology
ATI-Watt excels through its commitment to cutting-edge battery technologies. Rigorous research and development result in batteries with superior performance.
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Integrated Inverter Solutions
ATI-Watt stands out by offering not just high-quality batteries, but also integrated inverter solutions. This approach ensures seamless compatibility, streamlining installations and providing customers with a reliable end-to-end solar energy solution.
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Smart Energy Management
Setting itself apart, ATI-Watt incorporates intelligent energy management software into its products. This allows users to monitor, control, and optimize their solar systems in real-time.
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