ACT Federal Program

The Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) Program is a 5-year program providing funding up to 50% to support the purchase and installation of commercially available clean technologies, like our SunRangerTM Adjustable-Tilt Solar System. Priority for funding will be given to projects focused on green energy and energy efficiency, as well as those showing clear evidence of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental co-benefits.

The program is currently full for the 2021/2022 fiscal year, however they are continuing to take applications for the following fiscal years.

To find out more details on the ACT program, including eligibility, or to start your application process, CLICK HERE.

Greener Homes Grant

The Greener Homes Grant is a new solar rebate program open for Canadian homeowners looking to add energy efficient retrofits, like a new Solar System, to their residential properties.

Eligible applicants can receive a grant up to $5,000 for the implementation of eligible retrofits, retroactive to December 1, 2020, as well as an additional $600 to support the cost of an Energuide home energy evaluation.

To find out more details about this rebate program, including eligibility, or to complete an application form, CLICK HERE.


The Canadian Renewable Conservation Expenses (CRCE) is a category of fully deductible expenditures associated with the start-up of renewable energy and energy conservation projects for which at least 50% of the capital costs of the property would be described in Class 43.1 and 43.2. Expenditures may be deducted in full in the year they are incurred or can be carried forward indefinitely for deduction in future years.

Business Income ($)
CCA Deductions ($)
Taxes Payable ($)
Savings ($)

To find out more details on the CRCE, including eligible expenses, CLICK HERE.

Edmonton Solar Program

The Edmonton Solar Rebate Program is a stackable rebate that offers Edmonton homeowners $0.40/watt towards the cost of a solar system. This works out to cover approximately 15% of the costs of going solar. This rebate can be stacked with the Greener Homes Grant program, up to a maximum of 100% of the total investment made by the homeowner. Newly constructed homes and residential buildings are also eligible for a City of Edmonton rebate of $0.30/watt.

Eligible Expenses:

    • Solar PV equipment – solar racking, panels, inverters, cabling, etc.
    • System design, development, modelling, engineering
    • Permitting fees + any fees borne to upgrade the transmission/distribution system (if necessary)

To find out more details on the Edmonton Solar Rebate program, including how to apply, CLICK HERE.

Alberta Municipal

The Alberta Municipal Solar Program is not accepting applications at this time. We will continue monitoring the MCCAC for updates to this program.

The Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP) is designed to provide funding to registered municipalities to install solar PV on their land and facilities. Not only does installing solar within your municipality help to significantly reduce electricity costs and generate free power whenever the sun is shining, it also provides job opportunities for your community and benefits the local economy.

If you are interested in registering your community for this program, contact us today! Azgard will take the stress of tedious application steps off your hands and work with you to get your municipality on board this program.

To find out more details on the AMSP, including eligibility, or to start the application process, CLICK HERE.

Alberta Solar for Schools Program

The Solar for Schools Program, supported by the MCCAC, provides funding to install solar systems on school/school properties to generate power, teach students about renewable energy resources, and reduce your environmental impact.

If you are a School Authority or a school serving Kindergarten and/or a set of grades 1-12 within Alberta that reports to the School Authorities, and are interested in applying to this program, contact us today! Azgard will assist in the entire project, from completing the necessary applications, to finishing the installation of your new solar system.

To find out more details on the Solar for Schools program, including eligibility, or to start the application process, CLICK HERE.

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