Solar Power For Farm & Agriculture

Reliable Energy Year-Round. Switch to solar power for reliable, cost-saving energy year-round. Offset high electricity costs for Farm and Agri-businesses by owning your energy production instead of “leasing” it from the grid. Azgard Solar offers tailored solutions, from small greenhouses to large-scale operations, with customized quotes and system sizing for maximum efficiency.

Our Seasonal Tilt System is Designed with Farmers in Mind

Easy to Operate
Manually adjusted tilt is simple to operate. Four-seasons adjustment increases energy production and sheds snow faster.
Easy to Maintain
Designed to withstand our harsh environmental conditions. No motorization eliminates costly repairs and downtime.
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Why Install Solar Now?

Solar is Ideal For:

Federal Solar Rebates & Tax Incentives

Up to $40,000 interest-free loan repaid over a 10-year term. Loan is issued after project completion. Click here for more information.

25% funding for for-profit businesses to support the reduction of GHG emissions – a minimum of $1 million must be requested from the program. Therefore, a for-profit business must have a solar project totaling at least $4 million to be eligible.  Intake is currently open, ideal for large-scale farms and commercial businesses looking to switch to solar.

A refundable incentive up to 30% of the cost of capital investment, encouraging Canadian businesses to transition to clean, net-zero energy. Available until 2034. Talk to your accountant to see how this incentive may benefit you.

A tax incentive that supports investments in clean energy generation equipment, including solar technologies. Talk to your accountant to see how this incentive may benefit you.

At Azgard Solar we pride ourselves in offering full, comprehensive services to our customers – supporting you every step of the way; including assistance with your solar rebate and incentive applications!

Self-Installation Solar Package

The Self-Installation Package comes complete with all materials needed to build your own SunRanger Solar System. You’ll also receive full support from our team with the design and layout of your system to ensure a simplified installation process and maximum energy production year-round. 

With our guidance, you can have your system set up in as little as 1-2 days (per rack) while saving up to 30% on installation costs!

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Harvest Energy Independence With Our Farm-Focused DIY Install Option!

Save up to 30% on installation costs. Our SunRanger self-install option enables you to do the majority of the system set-up yourself. This process is simplified through our comprehensive videos and installation manuals. Customers also receive full support from Azgard Solar’s experienced team!

Fields Powered By Sunshine.

Contact our team today to get a complimentary solar quote and bill analysis.