Solar power is the perfect option for Farm and Agricultural businesses. Through the use of solar power, we can significantly reduce the operational costs of your business by offsetting your electricity use from the grid. On top of saving money now, any excess electricity you produce is then exported to the grid as a credit against your future electricity usage.

Rather than “leasing” your power from the grid, why not own and produce your own for notably less? With a solar PV system, you can save drastically on electrical costs within your operations and avoid rising electricity prices. From small greenhouses to large-scale Farm and Agricultural businesses, Azgard Solar has you covered with free quotes and system sizing customized to fit your unique energy needs.

solar power system for farm business

The SunRanger Solar System is designed with Farmers in mind; our system is...

Easy to Install

  • Do-it-yourself installation option can increase your savings
  • Various foundation types available, from screw piles to concrete blocks

Easy to Operate

  • Manually adjusted tilt is simple to operate
  • Four-seasons adjustment increases energy production and sheds snow faster

Easy to Maintain

  • The SunRanger Solar System is designed and manufactured in Western Canada to withstand our harsh environmental conditions
  • No motorization—eliminates costly repairs and downtime

Why Install Solar Now?

Solar is Ideal for...

Reduce your electricity bill now and in the future

Reduce the amount of carbon tax you pay

CCA Tax Incentives may allow renewable expenses to be 100% deducted in one year or carried over

Lowest solar equipment cost in years

Irrigation Systems

Farm, Cattle and Livestock Operations

Agri-Food Processing

Grain Operations

Related Agricultural Businesses


Our Self-Installation Package comes complete with all materials needed to build your own SunRanger Solar System. You’ll also receive full support from our in-house engineers in the design and layout of your system to ensure a simplified installation process as well as maximum energy production year-round. 

With our guidance, you can have your system set up in as little as 1-2 days while saving up to 40% on costs by installing yourself!

You Built Your Farm; You Can Build Your Solar System! Savings Up To 40% Of Your Solar Install Cost!

The SunRanger Self Installation Solar System lets you do the majority of installation yourself, saving you up to 40% on the total cost of a typical solar system. Self-installation is made simple and seamless through our comprehensive videos and installation manuals as well as full support from Azgard Solar’s team of experience engineers. Watch the time-lapse video below for a quick glimpse at just how easy the installation of your SunRanger Solar System can be!

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See more videos of the SunRanger Solar System in action on our YouTube Channel

Check out the images below for a step-by-step visual of the installation process.

If you have general inquiries, get in touch with our team at Azgard Solar below or give us a call at 403-236-5501 to speak with someone today!