Azgard Energy Offers Affordable High-Speed Internet Plans!

Have you heard? Azgard Energy, a division of Azgard Solar, offers affordable high-speed internet plans. When compared with Shaw’s Internet 75 Plan, Azgard Energy’s Internet 75 Plan came out on top – see how it compares below!

Affordable start-Up Costs

Azgard Energy charges only $75 for start-up costs, making it significantly more budget-friendly when compared to Shaw, which demands a heft $100 installation fee.

Lower Monthly Rates

Azgard Energy offers a competitive monthly rate of $49.95 + $10 a month for a modem/router combo, providing excellent value for your money! In contrast, Shaw charges $70 per month, making Azgard Energy the more economical option.

No Contract & No Exit Fees

Unlike Shaw, Azgard Energy does not require you to sign a two-year contact. This means you have the freedom to switch services without worrying about any exit fees or penalties. Azgard Energy values flexibility and understands the importance of choice for  our customers.

Considering these factors, it’s clear that Azgard Energy offers a more cost-effective and customer-friendly internet solution. We believe in providing hassle-free services without any hidden fees or long-term commitments.

Why Choose Azgard Energy?

By choosing Azgard Energy, you are not only getting a reliable internet connection, but also peace of mind. Our commitment to transparent pricing, no exit fees, and lower start-up costs ensures that you get the best value for your investment. We understand the importance of staying connected without unnecessary financial burdens and Azgard Energy is here to support your needs!

For more information, check us out at or call (587)200-4994 to speak with customer care.