Alberta residents can now get exclusive rates on electricity, natural gas and even internet plans througAzgard Energy – your newest local energy marketer! In addition to these great plan options, we’ve also created our “Microgen Solar Club” – a unique loyalty program designed specifically for small solar micro-generators to sell-back their overproduction at a high rate. Learn more about our energy plans HERE.



In-House Engineers. Full-Service Contractors.

Our experienced professionals provide comprehensive solar solutions, from in-house solar system calculations and design, to full-service installations and complimentary system monitoring.

Superior Quality. Simple Installation.

Simple installation options – do-it-yourself and save even more money or have our certified, skilled team of contractors complete the installation for you!

Trusted for Canadian Weather. Unique System Design.

Canadian-made – carefully designed and constructed to withstand our harsh climate. Our unique adjustable-tilt system ensures you’re getting the most energy production year-round.

The SunRanger Adjustable-Tilt Solar System
Seasonal Tilt Positions for Maximum Solar Production

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With our unique SunRanger Adjustable-Tilt Solar System, you can quickly and easily adjust your panels to ensure you get maximum energy production with each season. Compared to fixed panels, our system captures up to 20% more energy. Read more on our seasonal tilt system HERE or watch a demo of our SunRanger in action below.

SunRanger Tilt Demo

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