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Solar Services

Farm & Agriculture

Harvesting more than just crops, solar energy empowers farms to cultivate sustainability and reap the benefits of a solar-powered operation.

Residential Solar

Illuminating homes with the brilliance of the sun, solar energy transforms residences into eco-friendly havens where sustainability meets savings.

Commercial & Business

From slashing energy costs to powering productivity, harnessing solar energy is the key to unlocking a sustainable and profitable future for your business.

SunRanger Seasonal-Tilt System

Seasonal Tilt Positions for Maximum Solar Production

With our unique SunRanger Seasonal-Tilt Solar System, you can easily adjust your panels to ensure you get maximum energy production with each changing season.

Compared to fixed panels, our system captures up to 20% more energy. In addition to increased production, enjoy increased savings with our self-install option!

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The Azgard Advantage

Comprehensive Services

From in-house system calculations and designs, to full-service installations and complimentary system monitoring.

Application Processing

Our team takes the stress out of solar, by assisting you with obtaining approvals and permits, as well as any applicable rebates or incentives.

Simple Installation Options

Choose our do-it-yourself option and save even more or have our certified, skilled team of contractors complete the installation for you.

Locally Owned & Operated

Our racking is designed and manufactured in Canada to withstand harsh climates. Being a local company also accelerates procurement time. 

Increased System Production

Increase production by up to 20% with our seasonal-tilt racking, allowing you to easily adjust panels manually with each changing season.

Save on Electricity & Natural Gas Rates

Alberta residents can get exclusive rates on electricity, natural gas and internet plans througAzgard Energy.

In addition to our great plan options, we’ve also created our “Microgen Solar Club” – a unique loyalty program designed specifically for small solar micro-generators to sell-back their overproduction at a high rate.

Electricity Rate

3-Year Term + Prudential
¢ / kWh

Natural Gas Rate

2-Year Fixed Rate + Prudential
$ 4.75
/ GJ

Proudly Servicing Canada-Wide

Azgard Solar has proudly provided solar services across Canada since 2010. Learn more about our history HERE.

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