Residential Solar Power

Clean Energy for Your Home. Upgrade to clean energy for your home with solar power, a growing trend in Canada and worldwide. With the cost of PV modules declining over the past decade, solar panels offer a highly cost-effective solution to reduce electricity expenses. Coupled with the increasing emphasis on reducing carbon footprints, installing a solar system has never been more compelling. Enjoy free power whenever the sun shines for years to come, backed by our system’s 30-year production guarantee.

Why Install Solar Now?

Federal Solar Rebates & Tax Incentives

Greener Homes Loan

Up to $40,000 interest-free loan repaid over a 10-year term. Loan is issued after project completion.

At Azgard Solar we pride ourselves in offering full, comprehensive services to our customers – supporting you every step of the way; including assistance with your solar rebate and incentive applications!

Seamless Installations, Lifetime Support & System Monitoring

Azgard Solar offers seamless installation options including: full solar system installations, contractor-directed installation and our most popular self-installation package. We handle everything involved with your solar project; we design a system customized to meet your electricity needs and can even assist you in applying for solar rebates or incentives that you may be eligible for. We proudly provide lifetime support and system monitoring, so you are never left in the dark when it comes to your solar system!

4 Benefits of Switching to Solar

Reduce Your Energy Bill

A 7-10kW solar system is typically enough to cover the electricity needs of a standard family-home. By switching to solar energy to power your home, you cut out the need to source power from the grid and can significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Earn Tax Credits & Receive Solar Rebates

The Greener Homes Loan is available to homeowners planning to install solar. This program offers interest-free loans of up to $40,000 paid over a 10-year term. Check out Solacity for an updated list of all current solar rebates and incentives in Canada.

Start Saving As Soon As You Turn on Your System

A solar system for your home can be installed in as little as 1 day and can start producing power, and saving you money, as soon as it is turned on. With Azgard’s 30-year production-life guarantee, you can also be confident in the long-term savings and benefits of switching to solar.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint & Help the Environment

Solar systems derive clean energy directly from the sun. Through installing a solar system, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint by limiting dependency on traditional, harmful fossil fuels.

Our best-selling Seasonal-Tilt System is available for both turn-key and self-installed projects. Save up to 30% on installation costs when you choose our DIY option! Check out some demos of our system below.

Empowering Tomorrow,
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