Solar 101: Getting Started with Solar

Interested in harnessing your own solar power? Here's a guide to help you understand the steps involved!

As the demand for clean and affordable energy continues to rise, many Canadians are considering the implementation of solar to power their homes and businesses. Making the switch to solar not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also offers long-term financial benefits.

Step 1. Energy Consumption Analysis & System Sizing

The first step in transitioning to solar power is to understand your current energy consumption patterns, which is where our team at Azgard Solar can help! When you inquire with us, our first step will be to review your utility bill to get a clear idea of what your annual consumption is. This allows us to determine the size and type of solar system that will best meet your needs. 

Step 2. Micro-Generation Notice & Permits

Once we have a clear understanding of your energy needs, the next step is to put together an application that will be submitted to your utility provider – often called a “Form A” or “Micro-Generation Notice”. This process will vary slightly between provinces, but all areas will require a request to be submitted first. Timelines can also vary drastically depending on the utility provider, with some taking up to 8 weeks to provide approval. In addition to this request, you may need a development or building permit; be sure to check with your local office to confirm before moving ahead with your project.

Step 3. Rebate & Incentive Applications

Currently. there are various solar rebates and tax incentives that are available at a federal. provincial and, occasionally, a municipal level as well. These programs help make solar installations more affordable and reduce the time it takes to see a return on your investment. Our team is well-versed in many of these programs and will provide complimentary application processing for our customers.

Step 4. Purchase & Install!

After submitting all relevant applications, obtaining required permits and approval from your utility provider, the installation process can begin! Azgard Solar offers both full turn-key installation as well as our most popular self-installation package. Choosing the self-install option means you can purchase and begin your installation whenever you are ready. If you prefer to be hands-off, our team will work with you to arrange an installation timeline.
In conclusion, transitioning to solar power in Canada involves understanding your energy needs, choosing a reputable solar company, exploring available incentives, and overseeing the installation process – all of which our experienced team will help you with! With the country’s commitment to renewable energy and the availability of financial incentives, now is the perfect time for Canadian residents to embrace solar power! Contact us today to get started on your own solar project.

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