Canada Greener Homes Grant Now Closed to New Applicants

The Canada Greener Homes Initiative launched in May 2021 and has processed over 381,000 applications since its inception. This $5,600 grant was designed to help homeowners make energy-efficient upgrades to their home, aiding in the reduction of their energy costs, making homes more comfortable and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The simplified application process and broad range of eligible retrofits made this grant very enticing among Canadian homeowners, but time is now running out to take advantage of this! Despite initially stating that the program was expected to run until 2027, the program has now closed to new applicants as of February 12, 2024 due to unprecedented interest.

If you received an AP number prior to this date, you can continue through the grant process as usual.

For full details and updates on the Greener Homes program and the application process, click here