Featured Project: New Myrnam School, CTEC Facility

During Summer of 2023, Azgard Solar had the pleasure of working with New Myrnam School to install a 17kW solar system next to their CTEC Facility. This project was aimed at fully offsetting the school’s electricity consumption as well as serving as a valuable learning experience for the students of New Myrnam School. We are thrilled to announce that this project has been featured in an inspiring docu-series highlighting our recent collaboration with the bright and enthusiastic students of New Myrnam School. It has been an absolute joy to engage with these young minds, fostering their curiosity and passion for renewable energy and sustainability.

Robert, the Assistant Principal of New Myrnam School, also serves as the shop teacher and is deeply involved in the community and his students. They have worked on numerous projects for Environmental Actions, including our SunRanger solar system which became operational in October 2023.

This project was an inspiring initiative that involved the active participation of the students. The entire school has adopted a teaching style focused on project-based learning. As they emphasized environmental actions and energy conservations, the students played a crucial role in all projects, showcasing their commitment to sustainable energy solutions and reducing emissions.

The students are fully engaged in learning and participating in topics that are meaningful and relevant today. As a result of their extraordinary efforts, New Myrnam School had earned a well-deserved spot on the list of the World’s Best School for their dedication to environmental sustainability.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between Azgard Solar and New Myrnam School have not only illuminated the school’s commitment to environment sustainability but have also served as a shining example of the positive impact that hands-on learning can have on young minds. As we celebrate this successful partnership, we are inspired by the students’ active involvement in promoting sustainable energy solutions.

New Myrnam School’s recognition among the World’s Best School is a testament to their dedication and sets a precedent for schools worldwide. Our team at Azgard Solar is honored to have played a role in this transformative journey and we look forward to continuing our mission of fostering curiosity and passion for renewable energy and sustainability,