Upcoming Event: Visit our Information Booth at the Irrigation Field Day & Tradeshow!

Solar energy for irrigation offers farmers cost-effective and reliable power, reducing reliance on expensive fuels and grid electricity. Its scalability and adaptability make it particularly advantageous, providing flexibility to meet varying water demands.

By harnessing solar power, farmers can enhance sustainability, mitigate environmental impact, and achieve long-term financial savings.

Are you looking to start your own micro-generation project or want to find out more about how solar can benefit you? Join Azgard Solar at the Irrigation Field Day & Tradeshow!

When: Thursday, July 11th
Where: CSIDC – 901 McKenzie Street South, Outlook, Saskatchewan

Our team of solar experts will be ready to help you better understand your energy needs and create a plan to get you on the path to producing your own electricity!

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