Solar Racking

From small-scale residential projects to large commercial applications – Azgard Solar has a wide range of solar racking options available to suit your unique energy needs. Read more about our line of SunRanger racking below.

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SunRanger ST

Seasonal Tilt Racking

The SunRanger Seasonal-Tilt System is our most popular system of choice among both small-scale projects and large commercial applications.

Our unique adjustable-tilt solar system allows you to quickly and easily adjust your panels manually to ensure maximum production year-round. The manually adjusted tilt is center balanced, making for effortless movement with each changing season.


Compared to fixed systems, the SunRanger ST captures up to 20% more energy. In addition to this great feature, the unique low-to-the-ground system captures more energy off of snow cover and sheds snow faster than fixed-panel systems.

Seasonal-Tilt Difference

Our unique adjustable racking allows you to quickly and easily adjust panels manually to ensure your system produces the maximum amount of energy year-round.

When compared to fixed racking systems, our seasonal-tilt system captures up to 20% more energy.

During winter months, when energy production typically drops-off, our system is tilted at a 71.5° angle to help shed snow faster and take advantage of reflection off of snow-cover to produce even more power!

45.0° Tilt
71.5° Tilt
98.8 kWh
314.2 kWh
216.9 kWh
395.9 kWh

SunRanger FX

Fixed Ground-Mount

Azgard Solar is one of the only solar racking companies that can design and engineer a foundation and racking system to fully maximize the efficiency of your solar project. Our fixed ground-mount racking combines the foundation and racking in to one step, providing you with the most cost-effective design.

Our helical screw pile and concrete expertise sets us apart from other racking companies. Azgard Solar can provide standard fixed racking for your solar project or we can custom design features specific to your project’s unique needs.

Fixed ground mount 2

The Ideal Solution for Solar Projects Between 200kW - 50 MW

Designed for Commercial-Scale Solar Production

  • 20 to 32 modules per racking unit

  • Assembled at ground-level

  • Fast, simple installation process

  • Manufactured in Canada

  • Galvanized steel construction

  • High wind and snow load capacity

  • ​Certified for bonding to UL2703

  • ​Compatible to various foundation types

  • ​Choice of fixed angle; 20 – 50 degrees

SunRanger Single-Axis Tracker

Mechanical Single-Axis Tracker

Azgard Solar is thrilled to announce the launch of The SunRanger single-axis solar tracking system – a cutting-edge east/west facing solar solution that dynamically tracks the sun’s movement throughout the day. Through consistent minute adjustments, the modules follow the sun’s path to maximize the system’s energy output, delivering significantly more efficiency when compared to traditional fixed systems. 

Proudly designed in-house and manufactured in Alberta, this system is built to withstand the toughest weather conditions while providing sustainable power for commercial and large-scale operations.

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SunRanger MP

Mono-Pole Racking

Discover a powerful and flexible solution for your unique energy needs with our SunRanger Mono-Pole Racking system!

With the capacity to house 4-8 solar modules, this compact system efficiently utilizes vertical space making it perfect for a broad range of project-types, from residential to commercial. 

A wide selection of angle settings are available to suite your specific needs, from 10° to 80°. Our durable design offers hassle-free ownership through easy installation and minimal maintenance.

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