The Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP) is designed to provide funding to registered municipalities to install solar PV on their land and facilities. Not only does installing solar within your municipality help to significantly reduce electricity costs and generate free power whenever the sun is shining, it also provides job opportunities for your community and benefits the local economy.

Who is Eligible?

In order to participate in this solar power rebate, you must be a municipality or community-related organization, such as a non-profit CRO (Contract Research Organization) where the project is located on facilities owned by the municipality or on municipality-owned land. Eligibility requirements include:

  • The solar project must fall under the Micro-generation regulation
  • The solar installation must be equal to or greater than 2kW (approx. 8 panels)
  • The solar power system must be energized after February 5, 2016 (the grant is not retro-active)

Eligible Expenses

    • Solar PV equipment including: modules, racking, cabling, inverters, transformers, conduit, disconnects, monitoring and fittings
    • Fees associated with the design, engineering, development, procurement and construction of the proposed solar system
    • Fees associated with permitting
    • Fees associated with the electrical inspection and building inspection

Ineligible Expenses

    • GST
    • Ongoing operations & maintenance fees
    • Lease payments after the project in energized
    • Administrative expenses to apply for the AMSP grant
    • Any other expenses deemed ineligible by the MCCAC

Ineligible Projects

    • Projects located on land or facilities owned by private corporations, schools, universities, hospitals and the provincial/federal government
    • Solar installations on temporary structures
    • Off-grid solar power systems
    • Solar thermal systems
    • Solar installations which have received other Government of Alberta funding activities

What does the application process look like?

Our team at Azgard Solar will work closely with you and your community during the entire process to get on board the Alberta Municipal Solar Program, from completing the necessary applications to installing your system. The process involves these simple steps below:

    1. Submit an Expression of Interest
    2. Submit AMSP Application
    3. Sign the Agreement
    4. Install your Solar Project
    5. Project Verification
    6. Receive Funding

For more information, or to begin the application process, contact us today to get started!

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