The Edmonton Solar Rebate Program is a stackable rebate that offers Edmonton homeowners $0.40/watt towards the cost of a solar system. This works out to cover approximately 15% of the costs of going solar. This rebate can be stacked with the Greener Homes Grant program, up to a maximum of 100% of the total investment made by the homeowner. Newly constructed homes and residential buildings are also eligible for a City of Edmonton rebate of $0.30/watt.

Eligible Expenses

    • Solar PV equipment – solar racking, panels, inverters, cabling, etc.
    • System design, development, modelling, engineering
    • Permitting fees + any fees borne to upgrade the transmission/distribution system (if necessary)

Ineligible Expenses

    • GST
    • Lease Payments
    • Batteries
    • Admin/internal costs

How to Apply:

  1. Schedule a pre-retrofit Energuide evaluation – choose a provider from this list.
  2. Hire a qualified solar provider from the Solar Providers Director of either the Solar Energy Society of Alberta  or the Canadian Renewable Energy Association 
  3. As your installer, we can take care of approvals, permits and claiming rebates. Azgard will submit the application on the customer’s behalf through the program portal
  4. See Registration and Application guide HERE; sign up for a new account with the online portal, log-in to your account to access the application. This application is a two-part process; applicants will receive conditional approval via email within 1-2 weeks of submission of Part I. Part II is complete when the project is complete and interconnection approval is received. Completion of this application will trigger payment of the incentive

If you are interested in starting an application with the Edmonton Solar Rebate program, contact us today! Azgard will take care of the entire process from scheduling your pre-retrofit evaluation to submitting your application.